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The Burmese star tortoise (Geochelone platynota) is a critically endangered tortoise species, native to the dry, deciduous forests of Myanmar (Burma). It is close to extinction in Myanmar, as it is eaten both by the native Burmese, and is still exported to the Chinese food markets.
The Burmese Star Tortoise has radiating star-shaped patterns on its strongly domed carapace. It has bumps on its shell that look like stars. This tortoise can easily be distinguished from the more common Indian star tortoise by comparing the plastrons of the two species.

Name: Burmese star tortoise
Scientific name: Geochelone platynota
Size: 12cm – 30cm
Weight: 2.2kg – 16kg (4.9lbs – 35lbs)
Skin Type:Scales
Colour: The ground color is brown to black, with some specimens exhibiting more of a caramel color