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ReptileSales.com is dedicated to providing high quality, captive-bred ball pythons for sale to responsible owners and breeders. Our ball pythons come from reputable breeders with a proven track record of producing healthy, genetically diverse animals.

Healthy, Well-Socialized Ball Pythons

The ball pythons for sale on our site are all bred in captivity and raised in a clean, controlled environment. They are properly socialized and handled from an early age to ensure they remain tame and friendly. Our breeders carefully monitor the health, eating habits, and development of each ball python to guarantee it is fit for sale before being listed on our site.

Diverse Genetics and Rare Morphs Available

We work with breeders that focus on producing a variety of ball python morphs and traits. In addition to standards like albinos, pastels, and spiders, we frequently have rare and exotic morphs listed like banana ball pythons, blue-eyed leucistics, and puzzle morph combos. Breeding diverse and unique ball pythons helps support conservation of the species by maintaining genetic variability. It also allows buyers to find extremely rare and beautiful animals.

Responsible Purchasing and Shipping

We only sell ball pythons to responsible owners over 18 years of age. Buyers must understand the specific needs of ball python care before a purchase is complete. Animals are shipped overnight via FedEx to minimize stress using insulated boxes with heating packs. Live arrival is guaranteed.

Whether you are an experienced ball python breeder or a first-time owner, ReptileSales.com is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, captive-bred ball pythons. Please contact us anytime if you have questions about the animals listed on our site. We are always happy to help fellow reptile and ball python enthusiasts!

The Most Popular Ball Python Morphs and Varieties Available

The most popular morphs and varieties of Ball Pythons currently available include:


Albino Ball Pythons lack black pigment, resulting in yellow and white coloration. They are one of the most popular morphs due to their bright appearance and red eyes. Synonyms for this variety include amelanistic and hypomelanistic.


Pinstripe Ball Pythons feature a pattern of jagged stripes running down their backs. They are quite striking and sought after by collectors. These snakes are also known as Striped Ball Pythons.


Spider Ball Pythons display a “spiderweb” pattern with connecting markings, especially on their heads. They are known for their beautiful and intricate designs. Some related terms for this morph are Spinner and Web Pattern.


Lesser Platinum Ball Pythons have reduced black pigment, giving them a faded, “washed out” look. They are also referred to as Platinum Ball Pythons or Blue-Eyed Leucistics. These varieties produce some of the brightest yellows and oranges.


Mojave Ball Pythons are known for their dark gray base color and vibrant orange and red markings. They are also commonly called Mojo Ball Pythons. This morph is prized for producing some of the most colorful offspring when bred with other varieties.

In summary, the most popular and sought after Ball Python morphs feature distinctive colorations, patterns, and traits that make them unique and appealing to breeders and collectors. With selective breeding, new varieties are constantly being produced, ensuring that Ball Python enthusiasts will have many stunning options to choose from.

Ball Python Care Guide: Habitat, Feeding, and Handling Tips


Ball pythons originate from western and central Africa. They are found in tropical grasslands, open forests, and savannas. In captivity, ball pythons require an enclosure that replicates their natural habitat. A glass aquarium or plastic tub with a secure mesh or screen lid is suitable. Provide multiple hiding spots, climbing branches, and foliage. Include a shallow water bowl for drinking.

Substrate should be easy to spot clean and not dusty, such as aspen shavings, cypress mulch, or coconut coir. Maintain the temperature at 78-82 F with under-tank heating pads and overhead UVB/heat lamps. Use a thermostat to regulate temperatures. Humidity should be 60-80%; mist with lukewarm water or use a reptile fogger.


Ball pythons are carnivores that eat mammals and birds in the wild. As pets, they do well on a diet of pre-killed rodents. Hatchling ball pythons can eat rat pups. Adults require medium or large rats. Feed juvenile ball pythons 1 appropriately sized rat every 5-7 days. Adults eat 1-2 rats every 7-14 days.

Never feed live rodents, as this can injure your ball python. Thawed frozen rodents are the most convenient and humane option. Place the rodent in the enclosure using tongs. Monitor your ball python to ensure it eats. Remove uneaten rodents within 12 hours to avoid aggression or regurgitation.


Ball pythons can become quite tame and socialized to handling. However, they are generally shy and prefer minimal interaction. Handle your ball python 2-3 times a week for 15-30 minutes at a time. Always support its whole body since it has no limbs. Be cautious of the head and tail, as ball pythons may strike defensively if they feel threatened.

Never handle after eating or when shedding. Wash and rinse your hands before handling to remove any odors that may startle your ball python. Remain calm and confident when handling your ball python. Frequent, positive interactions from an early age will help socialize your ball python to handling and human contact.

How to Choose the Right Ball Python for You

How to Choose the Right Ball Python for You

When selecting a ball python as a pet, there are a few factors to consider to find the right snake for your needs and experience level.

Age is an important consideration. Baby ball pythons, called hatchlings, typically range from a few weeks to several months old. Hatchlings tend to be more active and require more frequent feedings, but they can also become quite tame and socialized if handled regularly from an early age. Adult ball pythons, on the other hand, are often more mellow and require less frequent feedings, but they may be less tolerant of frequent handling, especially if they were not socialized as hatchlings.

Morph and coloration refer to the snake’s physical attributes. Ball pythons come in a variety of colors and patterns. The most common are the normal or wild-type morph with brown and cream markings, but many captive-bred morphs feature bright colors and complex patterns. Morphs can impact the snake’s price, with some of the rarest and most visually striking morphs demanding very high prices. Choose a morph that appeals to you esthetically and fits within your budget.

When selecting a ball python, you will also want to consider factors like the snake’s overall health, size, and temperament. Look for a snake with clear eyes, smooth and intact scales, and of appropriate size and weight for its age. Handle the snake, if permitted, to get an impression of its demeanor. A ball python that is alert but relaxed and non-aggressive will likely make a good pet.

By considering the age, morph, size, health and temperament of different ball pythons, you can identify a snake that suits your experience level as a pet owner and meets your specific needs and preferences. Choosing the right ball python is an important first step to having a long and happy relationship with your pet snake.

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