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Blood Python Breed Information and Care Tips

Blood pythons, also known as Sumatran short-tailed pythons, are non-venomous constrictors native to Southeast Asia. As pets, blood pythons can live 30-40 years with proper care. Before getting a blood python, understand that they are a long-term commitment and require an experienced keeper.


Blood pythons are one of the largest snake species, reaching up to 8-10 feet as adults. While hatchlings start out small, around 1-2 feet, they grow quickly and require increasingly larger enclosures. Be prepared to house an adult-sized enclosure, at minimum 6 feet by 3 feet.


Blood pythons are generally docile, but they can be aggressive feeders and may mistake fingers for food. Handle blood pythons regularly from an early age to socialize them, but always exercise caution. Never handle a blood python after it has eaten, as this can lead to regurgitation.


Blood pythons need a well-ventilated enclosure with multiple hiding spots, branches for climbing, and a heat lamp and under-tank heater for thermoregulation. The ambient temperature should be 88-92 F with a basking spot of 95 F. Humidity should be kept at 70-80%. Provide fresh, dechlorinated water daily and change about 25% of the enclosure bedding every week.


Feed juvenile blood pythons pre-killed mice once a week. Adults can eat pre-killed rats. Never feed live prey, as this can injure the snake. As a rule of thumb, do not feed any prey item larger than the thickest part of the snake’s body. Always handle blood pythons before and after eating to discourage aggression towards humans during feeding.

With the proper enclosure, heating, humidity, and regular interaction and feeding, blood pythons can make rewarding lifelong pets. However, they are high-maintenance snakes that require daily attention and care. Make sure you fully understand a blood python’s needs before getting one as a pet.

Selecting Your New Blood Python: Morphs, Size, and Gender

Selecting Your New Blood Python: Morphs, Size, and Gender

When choosing a blood python, there are a few key factors to consider: morphs (color variations), size, and gender.

Blood python morphs refer to the different color variations and patterns that have been bred. The most common are normal (brown with reddish head), albino (white with yellow and orange), and axanthic (charcoal gray with dark red head). Rarer morphs include snow (white with gray), sunfire (bright orange), and eclipse (dark gray with white side patches). Prices will vary depending on the morph.

Adult blood python sizes range from 4 to 6 feet for males and 5 to 7 feet for females. Hatchlings start around 10 to 16 inches. Choose a size based on how much space you have to properly house your blood python. An enclosure that is too small can cause stress and health issues.

When it comes to gender, male blood pythons tend to be slightly smaller and less aggressive. Females can become irritable during breeding season and may go off food. However, females often become very tame and docile as pets. Either can make a great companion, so choose based on your experience level.

In summary, select a blood python morph, size, and gender that fits your budget, experience, and available space. Do plenty of research on the specific requirements to keep a blood python happy and healthy. If cared for properly, a blood python can live 20-30 years, so they are a long-term commitment.

Buying an Adult Blood Python vs. Juvenile

When considering a blood python, you’ll need to determine whether you want to purchase an adult or juvenile. Each has its pros and cons to consider before making your decision.

Adult Blood Pythons

Adult blood pythons, typically over 2-3 years of age, offer some advantages. As fully grown snakes, their size and temperament are established, allowing you to know exactly what to expect regarding their full length and handling. They are also often already well-socialized and feeding consistently on frozen/thawed rodents.

However, adult blood pythons frequently command a higher purchase price, especially for rare morphs or breeding females. They may also be more reluctant to adapt to a new environment or feeding schedule. Overall health and husbandry history can be harder to determine without background from a reputable breeder.

Juvenile Blood Pythons

Younger blood pythons, under 2 years of age, have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Juveniles are often cheaper to purchase, especially if you opt for a normal or common morph. They can also be easier to transition to a new enclosure and feeding regimen since they are still developing.

On the other hand, juveniles require very specific care to support healthy growth. They need higher humidity and temperatures, as well as more frequent, smaller meals. Juveniles may also undergo a “nippy” stage and require regular, gentle handling to become well-socialized as adults. Their adult size, temperament and care needs can be harder to predict until fully grown.

In the end, you must weigh the pros and cons for your own situation and experience level. Either an adult or juvenile blood python can make a great pet, but they do require a serious long-term commitment to proper care and handling. Be sure you fully understand the responsibilities that come with a blood python at any age or size before getting one.

Reptilessales.com Blood Python Guarantee and Shipping

Reptilessales.com Blood Python Guarantee and Shipping

When you purchase a blood python from Reptilessales.com, you can do so with confidence. All of our blood pythons are bred in captivity and raised under strict conditions to ensure health and temperament. We offer a live arrival guarantee as well as a health guarantee for 30 days after delivery.

Our shipping and handling procedures are designed to minimize stress and provide the best care for your new pet during transport. We use temperature-controlled containers and heat/cooling packs to maintain an ideal temperature range for blood pythons based on current weather conditions. Perishable food items are not included to avoid contamination or spoilage.

Once your order is placed, your blood python will be packaged and shipped within 3 business days. We offer overnight shipping via FedEx to most locations within the U.S. and Canada. Someone will need to be present at the delivery address you provide to sign for the package upon arrival. It is critical that the package is opened immediately so you can handle and inspect your new blood python within 2 hours of delivery.

Failure to do so could result in dehydration, illness or even death due to the sensitive nature of reptiles. Be sure to have the proper enclosure set up in advance with adequate heat, lighting, bedding, foliage, branches, hiding spots, food, and fresh water. Never house multiple blood pythons together, especially males.

Reptilessales.com also provides detailed care sheets for all reptiles including specific guidance on blood pythons to help get you started. However, it is the responsibility of the owner to properly care for and maintain the health of their blood python by providing appropriate environments, nutrition, and veterinary care. Should any medical issues arise, we recommend consulting an experienced reptile veterinarian.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns before or after receiving your blood python. We are committed to your reptile’s health, happiness, and your satisfaction.