Tegus for Sale on ReptilesSales.com: An Overview

ReptilesSales.com offers a variety of tegus for sale to suit every level of herpetocultural experience. Whether you are a novice herpetoculturist searching for your first tegu or an experienced breeder looking to diversify your collection, ReptilesSales.com likely has a tegu to match your needs.

ReptilesSales.com provides healthy, captive-bred tegus from reputable breeders for sale. Species frequently available include the Argentine black and white tegu, the Colombian tegu, and the golden tegu. Tegus range in size from the smaller Chacoan tegu to the larger Colombian tegu, so you can choose a tegu sized appropriately for your enclosure and level of experience.

When purchasing a tegu from ReptilesSales.com, you can expect a healthy juvenile or subadult that has been well-socialized to human interaction. All tegus for sale come with a live arrival and health guarantee to give you peace of mind about the health of your new pet. ReptilesSales.com is committed to responsible and ethical captive breeding and trade of reptiles.

To purchase a tegu from ReptilesSales.com, simply browse the available tegus in the online catalog and select your preferred specimen. Place your order on the website and your new tegu will ship directly to you or be available for in-person pickup, depending on your location. A knowledgeable staff member will also provide care recommendations to help you set up the proper enclosure and care for your new pet tegu.

With healthy, captive-bred tegus and excellent customer service, ReptilesSales.com is a reputable source for tegus and other reptiles to add to your collection or breeding projects. Check out ReptilesSales.com today to find your perfect pet tegu!

Our Top Argentine Tegus for Sale This Month

Our Top Argentine Tegus for Sale This Month

If you’re looking to add an Argentine tegu to your family, now is an excellent time to find healthy, captive-bred juveniles and subadults for sale. This month, we have some of the highest quality Argentine tegus available, all bred by reputable breeders with a proven track record of producing tame, handleable tegus.

  • Argentine Red Tegus: Argentine reds, also known as Colombian tegus, are a stunning red and black color morph known for being quite socialized and tame. Reds we have available this month range from 6 months to 2 years old, so you’ll have your choice of more socialized juveniles or calmer subadults.
  • Argentine Black and White Tegus: The natural color morph of Argentine tegus, the black and white morph is a timeless classic. We have black and white tegus ranging from hatchlings to large adults available this month. The younger tegus will require more socialization but also more opportunity to bond closely with their new owner. Older tegus are often calmer and easier to care for but may be more aloof.

No matter which morph or age of Argentine tegu is right for you, proper care and handling from an early age is key to a tame, socialized tegu. Be prepared to commit the time needed for daily interaction and feeding to bond with your new tegu and help them become accustomed to human contact and handling. When acquired as hatchlings or juveniles and socialized properly, Argentine tegus can make very rewarding lifelong companions.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Argentine tegus we have available this month. We are always happy to help match you with a tegu that will fit your experience level and needs. The opportunity to add one of these intelligent and personable lizards to your family is one you won’t regret!

Tegus for Sale Near Me: Caring for Your New Pet

Once you have selected a tegu from a reputable breeder or reptile store, it is important to properly care for your new pet to ensure its health and happiness.


Tegus are omnivores, so their diet should consist of both animal protein and plant matter. Feed juvenile tegus a diet of about 60% protein, such as feeder insects, small mice or fish, and 40% fruits and vegetables. As tegus mature, the diet should shift to 60-70% plant-based and 30-40% protein. Some recommended foods include:

  • Feeder insects: crickets, mealworms, waxworms
  • Small rodents: mice, rats (for larger tegus)
  • Fish: feeder fish, shrimp, crayfish
  • Fruits: bananas, berries, melons
  • Vegetables: leafy greens, squash, sweet potatoes

Always have a bowl of fresh, clean water available for your tegu.


Tegus can grow quite large, up to 5-6 feet in some cases, so they require a spacious enclosure. For a single adult tegu, a minimum of a 6’ x 3’ enclosure is recommended. Provide multiple hiding spots, climbing areas, and a heat lamp for basking. The ambient temperature in the enclosure should be 85-90 F, with a basking spot of 95-105 F. Mist your tegu with lukewarm water or give it shallow baths 2-3 times a week to keep its skin hydrated.


While tegus can become quite tame and socialized to human interaction, handling a tegu, especially as a juvenile, requires caution. Always support the whole body, as tegus can drop their tails when frightened. Limit handling sessions to 15-30 minutes a few times a week. With regular, positive interaction, a well-socialized tegu can become quite docile and form a close bond with its owner.

By providing the proper diet, housing, heating, and handling for your tegu, you will raise a healthy, happy and tame pet. With the right care and affection, a tegu can live 15-20 years and become a cherished part of the family.

Black and White Tegus for Sale: Appearance and Temperament

Black and White Tegus for Sale: Appearance and Temperament

Black and white tegus, also known as Argentine tegus, are striking lizards endemic to South America. They are identifiable by their elongated bodies, strong limbs, and distinctive coloration. As hatchlings, they sport bright green coloration and blue tails, which fade to shades of black, gray and white as they mature.

Adult tegus can reach up to four feet in length from snout to tail. They are powerful swimmers and climbers, aided by their sharp claws and muscular build. Tegus are also quick runners that can reach up to 15 miles per hour in short bursts. Their muscular jaws and sharp teeth allow them to feed on a variety of prey in the wild, including insects, small mammals, and birds.

Tegus demonstrate a high degree of intelligence for reptiles. They can become quite socialized and bond closely with their owners. However, they require daily interaction and mental stimulation to become tame and handleable. Tegus that are not properly socialized from an early age may become aggressive or territorial. Handling and interaction with these reptiles at an early age is critical for developing a friendly temperament.

Due to their size, power and intelligence, tegus can make challenging pets and are not ideal for inexperienced reptile owners. They need large, secure enclosures with opportunities for climbing, swimming and burrowing. Their varied and demanding diet must be properly maintained to ensure health and growth. With the right environment and level of care and affection, tegus can become quite socialized and bond very closely with their owners, demonstrating an amusing and endearing personality. However, they remain powerful wild animals and handling precautions should always be taken.

If provided the necessary habitat, diet, and interaction, black and white tegus can make rewarding lifelong pets. However, they require a serious long-term commitment to proper care and handling. For individuals willing and able to provide what these intelligent reptiles need, tegus can become fascinating companions.

Tegus for Sale Near Me: How to Find Reputable Breeders

Finding Reputable Tegu Breeders

When searching for tegus for sale, it is important to find reputable breeders to ensure the health and temperament of your new pet. Some key signs of a reputable breeder include:

  • Breeding experience. Look for breeders with several years of experience breeding and raising tegus. More experienced breeders will have a strong understanding of proper breeding and care standards.
  • Limited breeding. Reputable breeders do not overbreed tegus just to produce more animals to sell. They carefully plan breedings and do not breed more tegus than they can properly care for. Overbreeding can lead to health and behavioral issues in tegus.
  • High quality, spacious enclosures. Tegus require large, well-ventilated enclosures with opportunities for climbing, basking, and swimming. Reputable breeders will provide tegus high-quality enclosures that meet all their needs.
  • Healthy animals. Reputable breeders will sell tegus that are healthy, well-socialized, and free of parasites. They will provide a health guarantee and be willing to take the tegu back if you are unable to care for it. Avoid breeders who sell sick or underweight tegus.
  • Knowledgeable staff. Reputable breeders and their staff will be very knowledgeable about tegu care, behavior, and breeding. They should be able to answer any questions you have about purchasing and caring for a tegu.
  • References. Ask breeders for references from previous customers. Check reviews on websites like ReptilesSales.com for feedback from people who have purchased tegus from that breeder. Look for mostly positive reviews mentioning healthy, tame tegus and good customer service.

By researching breeders and looking for these signs of a reputable operation, you can find tegus for sale from knowledgeable, caring breeders. This will help ensure you get a happy, healthy new pet tegu.