Adult Baja Blue Rock Lizard


Petrosaurus thalassinus

Long haul Captive Bred Beauties!

3 Adult Males Available

Estimated Length: 11 to 15 Inches But Can Reach Up To 18 Inches In Length

It Is Found In The Sierra La Laguna And Sierra La Trinidad Of Cape Region OF Baja California

Astounding Blue Coloration On The Head And Yellow Around The Neck! Be that as it may, During Breeding Season With Both Males And Females The Color Intensifies Tremendously

A Very Rare Lizard! These Will Not Last Long Due To Its Rarity

Likes To Bask In Very Hot Temps Around 90-100 Degrees It Can Also Flatten Its Body To Retreat Into Rock Crevices When Approached By Predators And Can Drop Its Tail If Caught

At Just 2 Years Old The Lizard Is Sexually Mature And The Female Can Lay Up To 20 Eggs In A Ditch Dug In The Ground

Astounding Critters To Keep It’s Almost like A Cross Between A Chuckwalla And Collard Lizard But With The Proper Work They Can Be Tame As A Bearded Dragon

Benefiting from Vitamin Dusted Crickets And Mealworms But Can Also Eat Blossoms, Leaves, Seeds, And Small Fruit