Baby Tanimbar Amethystine Python


Morelia amethystina

Hostage Hatched

Roughly 19 Inches Currently But Can Reach A Total Of 15-19 Feet

Contingent Upon Species And Locality

This Species Can Be Found On Most Islands Of Indonesia And Papua New Guinea. It Lives In Tropical Rain Forests Scrubs And Areas Of Rich Vegetation

They Are Mainly Active At Night Which Makes Them Nocturnal And Do Most Of Their Hunting At Night It Has A Series Of Pits Along Its Jaw Which Are Very Heat Sensitive Organs This Enables The Snake To Locate Its Warm Blooded Prey

Females Can Lay Up To 20 Eggs At A Time Once A Year And Take About 2 Months To Hatch

These Are The Largest Snakes In Australia But Can Also Be Found In Papua New Guinea As Well In Indonesia

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