You can find a wide selection of pet snakes for sale on Whether you’re looking for a small, easy-to-care for snake or a large constrictor, we have what you’re searching for.

Ball Pythons

Ball pythons make excellent pets for beginners. These docile snakes can live 30-40 years and grow 3 to 5 feet long. Their relatively small size and easy-going temperament mean less demanding care requirements and handling challenges. Ball pythons come in a variety of morphs with prices ranging from $50 to $5,000 depending on the morph.

Corn Snakes

Like ball pythons, corn snakes are easy to care for and handle. They are active, curious snakes that can live 20-30 years. Corn snakes range from 3 to 6 feet long and cost between $25 to $100. Their bright orange and red coloration is striking. Corn snakes do require a varied and nutritional diet of pre-killed mice.

Boa Constrictors

For experienced owners, boa constrictors can make rewarding lifelong pets. Boa constrictors can exceed 10 feet in length and require large enclosures. Their large size and feeding demands mean they are more high-maintenance. That said, their iridescent coloring and docile nature captivate owners. Boa constrictors have a lifespan of 30-40 years and cost $200-$500.

Whether you want a small, vibrantly colored snake or a large constrictor, has your perfect pet snake. Browse our wide selection and find a healthy, captive-bred snake today. Our snakes come with a live arrival and health guarantee. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service team. We’re here to help you find a pet snake you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Top Snake Breeds Available for Sale This Month

If you’re in the market for a pet snake this month, has some of the top breeds available.

Ball Pythons

Ball pythons, also known as royal pythons, are a very popular breed. They are docile, easy to handle and care for. Ball pythons typically grow 3 to 5 feet long and can live 30-40 years.

Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are colorful, hardy, and make great pets for beginners. They are active and easy to breed. Corn snakes come in a variety of bright colors and patterns. They typically grow 4 to 6 feet long and live 20-30 years.

Boa Constrictors

Boa constrictors are impressive snakes that can grow up to 13 feet long, though most pet boas are significantly smaller. They require a serious long-term commitment as they can live 30-40 years. Boa constrictors squeeze their prey to death before swallowing them whole. Despite their hunting technique, boa constrictors can be quite tame and make interesting pets.

Gopher Snakes

Gopher snakes, also known as bullsnakes, are popular pet snakes. They are non-venomous constrictors that are generally quite docile and easy to handle. Gopher snakes come in a variety of colors and patterns. They typically grow 4 to 6 feet long and live 20-30 years.

With a variety of breeds, colors and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find a new pet snake that suits your interests. Be sure to do thorough research on any breed you’re interested in to determine if it will fit your lifestyle. Proper handling and husbandry is important to keep a pet snake happy and healthy.

Caring for Your New Pet Snake at Home

Once you bring your new pet snake home, it is important to properly care for it to ensure its health and happiness. Snakes can live 10-25 years, so they are a long-term commitment.


House your snake in an escape-proof enclosure, like an aquarium with a secure mesh or screen lid. Provide substrate like aspen shavings, cypress mulch or newspaper to line the bottom. Include hides, climbing areas, plants and other enrichment. The enclosure should be at least as long as the snake.

Heating and Lighting

Snakes are cold-blooded, so a heat lamp and under-tank heater are necessary to maintain a temperature of 75-88 F. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature. Provide a day/night cycle with a timer.

Food and Water

Feed juvenile snakes every 5-7 days, while adults need food every 7-14 days. Offer pre-killed mice, rats or chicks of the appropriate size. Always have fresh, clean water available in a bowl that cannot be tipped over easily.

Handling and Interaction

Handle and interact with your snake regularly to help socialize it, but do so carefully. Never handle your snake after it has eaten, as this can cause regurgitation. Support the snake’s whole body, and do not make any sudden movements or loud noises which may startle it. Limit handling sessions to 15-30 minutes a few times a week.


Take your snake for regular checkups with a vet experienced with reptiles. Watch for signs of illness like lethargy, loss of appetite, discharge from the eyes or mouth, difficulty shedding, wheezing or labored breathing. Quarantine any new snakes for at least 30-60 days before introducing them to the rest of your collection.

Caring for a pet snake properly requires commitment to meeting all its needs for its lifetime. With the right environment, heat, light, food and water, your new scaly friend can live a long and happy life as a cherished part of your family.

Answering Common Questions About Owning Snakes

Answering Common Questions About Owning Snakes

As a prospective snake owner, you likely have some questions about what it takes to properly care for a snake. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What kind of habitat does a snake need? Snakes require an enclosure like a glass aquarium or screen-topped cage. Provide hiding spots, climbing areas, and terrain that mimics the snake’s natural habitat. Include a heat lamp and under-tank heater to maintain the proper temperature.

What do snakes eat? Snakes are carnivores and eat a variety of prey like mice, rats, chicks, and fish. Feed juvenile snakes every 5-7 days, while most adults only need to eat once a week or every other week. Only handle your snake after it has digested its food.

How often do snakes shed? Snakes shed their skin as they grow, with younger snakes shedding more often. Most adult snakes shed around 3-6 times a year. Shedding may cause snakes to become irritable for a few days. Increase the humidity in the enclosure to aid the shedding process.

Do snakes make good pets? Snakes can live 15-25 years, so they are a long-term commitment. They do not show affection like other pets, but some species become quite tame and enjoy gentle interaction and handling. Snakes require daily maintenance to keep their enclosures clean, provide fresh water, and regulate the temperature.

Are snakes dangerous? Some species of snakes can be venomous, but many common pet snakes like ball pythons, corn snakes, and king snakes are non-venomous. Even non-venomous snakes may bite if they feel threatened or stressed. Proper handling and socialization from an early age can help reduce aggression. Always exercise caution when interacting with snakes.

With the right habitat, diet, and care, snakes can make fascinating lifelong pets. However, they do require daily dedication to thrive. Do plenty of research on different snake species to determine if one will suit your lifestyle before getting a snake as a pet. Reviews – What Customers Are Saying About Our Snakes strives to provide high quality captive-bred snakes to hobbyists and we take customer feedback very seriously. Our reviews show an overall satisfaction with the animals and service we provide.

Healthy, Well-Socialized Snakes

Customers frequently comment on receiving snakes that are active, feeding well, and handleable. We put in the effort to properly socialize our snakes from an early age so they become accustomed to human contact and handling. As one customer said:

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Knowledgeable, Helpful Staff

Our staff consists of dedicated herpetoculturists with years of experience breeding and caring for snakes. We aim to provide helpful advice and guidance to ensure customers understand the needs of their new pet. As a customer noted:

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Competitive Pricing

We price our snakes competitively and also frequently run sales and specials to offer the best deals to customers. One customer said:

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Safe, Responsible Shipping

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