Baby Barons Racers


Philodryas baroni

Hostage Born And Bred Here In The States

Infants Available

Can Reach Up To 2 Meters

Guys Are Smaller Than Females And Both Sexs Are Available

An Arboreal Species So It’s Good To Have Foliage And Branches And A Taller Cage Rather Than Wide

This Species Can Be Found In Argentina Bolivia And Paraguay It Lives In The Forest And Savannah Woodlands!

Despite the fact that They Are Rare Fanged And Mildly Toxic, The Are Really Hesitant To Bite

The Coolest Feature About This Snake Is Its Upturned Rostral Scale Giving Them A Snooty Nose Appearance

Get Your Cool Large Barons Racers And Start Some Breeding Projects Today
Feeding On Pinky Mice And Anoles

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